Learning technology is not about replacing lecturers, teachers and tutors, but learning is changing because learners’ needs are changing

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With the support of learndirect, partner schools have a choice of delivering full-time or part-time classes that are enhanced by using cutting-edge, tablet and mobile friendly technology.

This hybrid learning model will give students an engaging mix of face-to-face pedagogy, interactive and enriched online content, and the latest ‘gamification’ tools to help keep the students focussed and participating.

About the

The IFD is an accredited university pathway qualification, designed for international students who will need a foundation year prior to university

The IFD is a regulated qualification awarded by the UK exam body, NCC Education, who have over 200 education providers in more than 50 countries delivering its classroom-based qualifications.

What we offer

  • In-country university pathway course - hybrid model or fully online

  • Fast track 6 month full time course (20 hours per week)

  • Enriched digital learning platform with an engaging mix of:
    live classes
    incorporated video
    interactive content
    latest ‘gamification’ tools

  • Access to 1000s of under-graduate courses at universities in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada

  • Support to school faculty - free online teacher training and certification

Who is the IFD for?

As a complete level 3 qualification the IFD is viable alternative to the formality of A Levels and the IB for those students who prefer to learn online and independently.

The IFD cultivates the teaching process for today’s connected learners by enabling schools to:

  • Engage students with innovative ways of presenting and processing information.

  • Support the different needs of students by tailoring course content to their preferences and learning styles.

  • Motivate students and keep them fully engaged by tracking their progress and demonstrating how it helps them to achieve their goals.

School Alumni Opportunity – Study Online

For your alumni who did not progress to Higher education and would like a 2nd chance learndirect also offer a fully online IFD with live classes facilitated by a virtual teacher in the UK.

Flexible Curriculum to Meet All Student Needs

More than a University Pathway

The IFD will do far more than provide a gateway to university by improving those transferable skills that are highly valued by employers and that will be essential when the student progresses to undergraduate study.

The IFD hybrid model allows for face-to-face curriculum support, through individual tutorials and group activities which will develop the interpersonal abilities needed for higher education, reinforced with the following units:

  • Study and Communication Skills

  • Culture Studies

Combined with a fully online syllabus which is accessible 24/7 that will develop skills for work and life, as well as providing the knowledge, understanding and competences required for university study:

learndirect is continuously looking for high-quality Delivery Partners to join our Global Network. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, get in touch with us using the form below.

Promotional Resources:

  • Student brochure – customisable with your school logo and contact: Click here

  • The NCC Education ‘What Next’ University Progression booklet can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.